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General informations

Welcome will start on June 29th from 08:30 at the Moulins de Beez, Rue Moulin de Meuse 4, 5000 Namur.

Welcome at the gala dinner on June 29th from 19:15 at the Namur Theatre, Place du Théâtre 2, 5000 Namur.

The bike ride on June 30th will start from 09:30 at the Maison des Cyclistes, Place de la Station 1, 5000 Namur.

A shuttle will be organized on June 29th from Namur Station to Moulins de Beez between 08:30 and 09:00 in the morning and between 16:45 and 17:15 at the end of the Conference.

Bike accompaniment is foreseen and the meeting time is 08:15 at the Maison des Cyclistes.


Participants can register on line before June 26-06-2018


A list of hotels in Namur can be found at the « Download » Section

Registration fees (only for accopanying person)

For the accompanying person, conference fee is 50 € and gala dinner is at 50 € too.

60€ including bike ride and lunch

To be drawn on account
Chemin du rail
IBAN : BE51 0682 1681 7962
Communication : AEVV + name + first name
Before June 26th


Namur - Beez
Les Anciens Moulins de Beez,
Rue du Moulin de Meuse 4
5000 Namur